A. Mussbacher:

Creative and socially awkward author.

Author of the Immortal Zero Series & other titles

Since she was very young, Ashley has had a passion for telling stories through language and visual art. The creation of her first series, Immortal Zero, began when she was only twelve years old with sketches and rough world building ideas.

Finding inspiration in music, people,
and of course other stories, the world expanded
and the story grew.

Until it was a fully realized story of it’s own dealing with themes of loss and grief, as well as exploring how memory affects our lives.

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"Fantastic, original world building and beautifully descriptive writing bring this story to life, one that is loaded with interesting characters, particularly strong and complex women in General Leona Almadzi and Leas Steele, head of the Thieves Guild. Writing in present tense is an interesting choice and I think it works for this tale, which will keep you guessing and turning the page."

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"Mussbacher weaves a tale of love and devotion, betrayal and conspiracy, trust and friendship, and the self-preserving nature of humanity's survival instinct. This book was an adventure that I hoped would never end."

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"Original, multi-dimensional characters and an intertwined story line that keeps the reader thoroughly engaged from start to finish."

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Plot Doodles

If you see these doodles around on the website or some of my social media – these are my actual short-handed notes for the plot of the series. And yes, they do make sense… to me.

Author Insights

Read about the process of creating fictional worlds, dynamic characters, and other writerly stuff.

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