The Immortal Zero Series

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"Fantastic, original world building and beautifully descriptive writing bring this story to life, one that is loaded with interesting characters, particularly strong and complex women in General Leona Almadzi and Leas Steele, head of the Thieves Guild. Writing in present tense is an interesting choice and I think it works for this tale, which will keep you guessing and turning the page."

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"Mussbacher weaves a tale of love and devotion, betrayal and conspiracy, trust and friendship, and the self-preserving nature of humanity's survival instinct. This book was an adventure that I hoped would never end."

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"Original, multi-dimensional characters and an intertwined story line that keeps the reader thoroughly engaged from start to finish."

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Book 1

The Seven Stones

After two decades of war, a ceasefire is called as Lamora surrenders to Uvar and agrees to sign a treaty. Famous military hero, General Almadzi accompanies the Lamoran Empress into enemy territory with an expectation they may be headed for a trap.

While the General is preoccupied with protecting royalty, a sly thief Leas Steele aims to take advantage of the political event for her own gains. Soon both the General and the thief find their paths entangled in a labyrinth of lies, murder, and betrayal.

As the thief works to keep the General from escaping her grasp, the General begins to unravel a plot that will endanger not only her country, but the entire world. Believing Leas may have answers that will lead her to those responsible, the General is forced to swallow her pride and try to outplay the Thieves Guild in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Story Origins

Immortal Zero pulls its inspiration from early Greek and Roman mythology, mixed with stories and legends out of East Asia—specifically India and surrounding countries.

From desert and jungle landscapes to cultural cues and architecture, The Seven Stones introduces a rich new world where magic and technology, and religion and politics exist together.

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